Trimtone Review – Best Thermogenic Fat Burner

TrimTone fat burner supplement

Uncomfortable with excess fats? Let’s get rid of with this natural fat burner

trimtone bottleIn this Trimtone review, we’ll explain why the dietary supplement really works and not just false hopes.

Broadly speaking, Trimtone will help you to…

  • Lose weight, for real
  • Slim down your body parts (abdomen, arms, and legs)
  • Get rid of cellulite
  • Improve training performance
  • Restore confidence

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Nowadays, there are so many supplements in the market claimed to burn fat instantly. In fact, these supplements are ineffective and even harmful to overall health

But Trimtone is the next level! This one probably the latest generation capsule that is effective to destroy excess fat in the body.

What is Trimtone?

Trimtone specifically designed for women who need a safe and fast solution to burn fat.

The mixture of natural ingredients is formulated precisely. Also, it’s recognized to supports a healthy weight loss process

However, this supplement is not suitable for vegetarians because some composition contains gelatin capsules.

In addition, it’s not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

How it works

A blend of 100% natural ingredients in Trimtone stimulates the thermogenesis process.

Thermogenesis is an increase in body temperature. This process will increase metabolism and convert fat cells into energy.

On the other hand, Trimtone also helps in suppressing appetite and reducing hunger

Full Ingredients

Nature is everything, and all Trimtone ingredients come from Nature! So I believe no side effects will take place and it’s not harmful to your health.

Whilst other women’s fat-burning supplements add too much nonsense ingredients

Trimtone has 5 major formulas with 3 additional ingredients! All of them are quite powerful

trimtone ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine believed in helps the fat burning process. The way it works is by increasing calorie burning (thermogenesis) and breaking down body fat (lipolysis). It also proved as a performance enhancer as it stimulants the alertness and energy supply

Several studies sum up a significant increase (up to 11.2%) in sports performance. Also, an increase in body weight, fat reduction, and BMI

Green tea

This herb contains positive compounds and useful for metabolism. Also, it can increase hormone levels to stimulate specific cells to break down the body fat

Green tea also contains catechins.

Some clinical research found that this is very useful to optimize carbohydrate absorption. Thus, you will store less fat

Green coffee

100 mg of caffeine intake can increase resting metabolic rate around 3-4%. The researchers also concluded a positive response in body weight, fat reduction, and decrease BMI fast. It also improves athletic performance by 11.2%.

Whilst some other reviews explained consuming green coffee extract is useful for losing weight and burn stored fat efficiently.

Grains of Paradise

West African herbal seeds (from the ginger family) that are very useful for brown adipose tissue (BAT). This activity helps fight excess fat, burn more calories, and controls blood sugar levels.

In a 4-week study on adult women, taking Grains of Paradise at a dose of 300 mg per day. As a result, shrinks abdominal fat cells significantly.


This dietary fiber most used as one of the weight loss ingredients. Glucomannan helps you feel full faster. So you’re not easily tempted to take excessive food.

The dosage of glucomannan must be precise. Taking high doses will end up with abdominal bloating, and a weak body system.

Trimtone adds 40mg of Glucomannan, it’s actually good enough and safe to work in your stomach.

Many people feel the benefits of Glucomannan. So they took a serious 8 weeks program and produces 5.5 lbs of weight loss. All processes combine with diet plans and intense workouts.

Another resource explained on fibre mix combinations between psyllium husk and glucomannan can induce greater satiety. In 16-week periods, they experienced a significant decrease in LDL cholesterol

Other ingredients

Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin, dan Silica

How to use

Follow safe use guidance! You can find out the serving size in the Trimtone label.

There are 30 capsules in one bottle of Trimtone

The serving size for adults is 1 capsule every day before breakfast. Excessive doses are not recommended

Please note! Before use, please consult a doctor if you’re on certain medications, trouble swallowing (dysphagia), or maybe allergic to Trimtone ingredients. Stop it immediately if any side effects occur and consult a doctor.

trimtone review natural fat burners

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Who made Trimtone?
This food supplement brand is owned by Swiss Research Labs Limited. This private limited company based in Nottingham, UK. They have experience in creating quality weight loss supplements for years.

Does Trimtone really work?
Absolutely, Trimtone consists of 4 ingredients and 100% natural. Everything works effectively in weight loss and clinically proven

Should it be combined with diet and exercise?
Of course. There is no magic pill! Exercise and diet are really needed. It will accelerate the burning of excess fat.

Trimtone for pre-workout?
Absolutely! The caffeine ingredient inside Trimtone stimulates thermogenic processes in the body. Please take it as a pre-workout supplement in the morning! Don’t use it at night, because caffeine will make you sleepless

How long does it take to see results?
on average, it takes only a few weeks. However, each individual may vary. It all depends on your diet plan and exercise program.

Possible side effects?
So far, no report of side effects. All formulation is 100% natural ingredients. But please note, Trimtone has 120 mg of caffeine, and each 100 mg of green coffee and green tea! So I believe, it may cause mild side effects such as stomach pain, bloating, and diarrhea. So if you taking TrimTone, please reduce caffeinated consumption.

Is it suitable for vegetarians?
Unfortunately, Trimtone contains gelatin capsules. So it’s not suitable for vegetarians (vegans).

Where to buy TrimTone

This dietary supplement not available at GNC, Amazon, Walmart, or local drug stores. Get the real Trimtone on its official website.


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Trimtone is a 100% natural product with mild or even no side effects at all. This dietary supplement will help you burn body fat naturally and lose weight.

However, it doesn’t work in just a single day! Everything needs a process.

The combination of Trimtone with an exercise program and proper diet plan will end up with fantastic results

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