Natural Hair Growth Foods: 4 Foods for Improving Quality Hair Growth

natural hair growth foods

Why do you need to choose natural hair growth foods? Let’s figure out…

Around the world, having thick, lustrous hair is a symbol of beauty, vitality, health, and youth.

That’s the reason why there are a lot of hair products catered to improving the quality of hair. Ranging from shampoos, conditioners, hair loss creams, and the list goes on. Though, not all of these products received positive reviews.

Knowing that people would opt for ‘natural’ products, most of these companies assert that their active ingredients are all natural. However, this list of ingredients is quite similar to a chemistry set, making consumers skeptical about using them.

That’s why people who are concerned about improving the quality of their hair would rather opt the natural hair growth foods.

Top 4 natural hair growth foods that promote hair growth and hair quality

1. Blackstrap Molasses

blackstrap molassesWhen talking about natural hair growth foods, blackstrap molasses is often mentioned.

It’s a dark, thick syrup that has traces of minerals extracted from the sugar cane plant during the refinement process. Copper is produced during this process and it’s considered an essential ingredient for healthy hair because it helps in the production of hair and skin pigment.

For most results, it’s advisable to take 2 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses every morning.

Within a few weeks, you’ll notice the positive difference in hair quality and a month’s use would give you astonishing results.

2. Cayenne Pepper

cayenne pepperAnother food for hair growth is the cayenne pepper. This natural remedy for hair growth has been used since ancient times as a treatment for alopecia.

Cayenne powder could increase blood flow, and this could nourish the scalp while stimulating hair growth at the same time.

Though using cayenne powder directly on your scalp is not advisable either, ’cause it could result in a very unpleasant experience.

Thus, it’s a good idea to mix a raw cayenne powder with olive oil instead.

3. Coconut Oil or Milk

If you want to have a very shiny, non-flaking, smooth, and healthy hair, these two coconut products would do the job.

For best results, mix coconut oil with a little avocado and use it as a hair mask.

Leave it on your hair, put on a shower cap and leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse. Likewise, coconut milk could also be used as a regular shampoo.

4. Saw Palmetto

saw palmettoThere’s a good reason why a lot of hair products has this as one of their main ingredients.

Studies show that saw palmetto is one of the foods that promote hair growth. However, the reason behind its potency is still a mystery.

Some researches believe that this plant blocks the enzyme, 5-alpha-reductase from converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, preventing the development of alopecia and hair loss.


Using the above fast hair growth foods to eat have a lot of perks. For one, they’re readily available and you could use them whenever you please.

For instance, you could take 2 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses per day, and treat your hair with coconut milk every other day.

Likewise, you could also use a cayenne pepper hair mask twice a week and even make your own organic shampoo from saw palmetto and blackstrap molasses.

Aside from having a pleasant smell, you will rest assured that these homemade remedies would nourish your hair even more.

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4 Foods for Improving Hair Growth
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