Laser Wrinkle Removal: Pros and Cons of Laser Treatment For Wrinkle Removal

laser wrinkle removal

Wrinkles are an unwanted sign of aging for everyone. For years, medical professionals have performed countless studies. They try to prevent and treat the formation of wrinkles and fine lines for those of you who can’t stand to be seen with signs of this age. Lately, laser wrinkle removal has become more available to all and is a very popular treatment.

How does Laser Wrinkle Removal work?

Laser light is extremely concentrated light beams that move in one direction. Different strengths and colors of such light have different uses in general and cosmetic surgery. This as the variations control whether the lasers vaporize, burn or remove skin tissue. They can be controlled to perform precision operations.

There are different types of laser treatment for wrinkles.

Some are better equipped for the removal of extremely fine lines. Whilst photo-rejuvenation is a technique that uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to heat the lines around the eyes and mouth to a point where the lines disappear.

Laser resurfacing is a type of laser wrinkle removal which actively removes the uppermost layers of skin where the wrinkles have formed. As these layers are removed, the wrinkles become less pronounced.

Then, with the healing process in which the skin replaces the lost layers with new, healthy skin tissue, the area which has been treated appears more youthful and smooth.

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The Benefits

laser treatment for wrinkle removalOne of the main benefits of laser treatment for wrinkles is that the results can be seen quickly in most cases. Even with the healing process included, the benefits can be seen far sooner than with any creams or lotions on the market.

In addition to this, laser treatment:

  • Is non-invasive
  • Long-lasting in the case of laser resurfacing
  • Very effective on sun damaged skin
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Rejuvenates skin to look and feel healthier


Whilst the benefits of the treatment can be brilliant, there are also drawbacks. For instance:

Treatments can be expensive and if a patient would like to keep the youthful look created by them, repeat treatments will be necessary.

The laser surgery does not stop the aging process altogether but merely treats the wrinkles. Over time it is inevitable that more wrinkles will appear that need treating as well.

Only the laser resurfacing treatment is effective on anything other than fine lines. For severe wrinkles, even this treatment may supply limited results.

Because of the way in which laser treatments work, darker skin types may actually suffer from such surgery, with a chance of permanent damage to the pigmentation being caused. As with all surgery, there is a risk of infection during the healing process.

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My thought of Laser Wrinkle Removal treatments

The success rate of laser surgery for wrinkles and fine lines is fairly GOOD. But before any decision is made it is necessary to hold a consultation with a dermatologist.

Not only will they go over the details of the procedure in full and explain the pros and cons of the surgery!

They will also offer advice on the best form of laser treatment to be had by the individual or even recommend another form of treatment.

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Laser Wrinkle Removal: Pros and Cons of Laser Treatment For Wrinkle Removal
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