How To Stay Young – 4 Ways To Look Younger

how to stay young

Everyone would like to cheat the aging process just a bit. Whilst there are plenty of extortionate anti-aging treatments out there. Not everyone has the desire to inject chemicals into their face that cause paralysis, even if they could afford it!

How to stay young without going down such drastic routes is, but, something everyone, with a bit of care and attention, can manage. Here is how:

#1. Stress Less

stress less

Stress is aging, both physically and mentally. Ongoing stress can be mentally draining and exhausting and when you are exhausted, you look older.

Also, stress causes the release of hormones. If these hormones are released too often, the body can’t cope with them, causing issues with the endocrine system which can, in turn, cause illness.

When looking at how to stay young, avoiding the aging effect of stress has to be right up there.

#2. Keep Active

Advising you to avoid stress is not, however, a carte blanche to be a lazy bone. Instead, an important aspect of how to stay young is to keep busy.

By taking part in activities, learning new skills, taking trips and journeys! No matter how small, a positive outlook will be maintained. Mobility will be maintained and mental alertness continually honed.

Studies have proved that all these things can help combat the effects of aging.

#3. You Are What You Eat

Okay, perhaps the title is a bit of a cliché but that doesn’t mean to say it is wrong! In fact, eating healthily can be a great boon in the search for how to stay young. But eating healthily doesn’t mean eating faddishly.

Eating fats, particularly omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, can help keep you in tip-top condition physically. But eating too many saturated fats can clog up your arteries and cause heart disease.

Eating too much sugar can lead to diabetes and heart disease but not eating enough sugars can leave your body without fuel and so without energy. The key is sensible eating.

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#4. You’ve Got To Smile

A positive outlook, taking pleasure in life and finding something to smile or laugh about every day will go a long way to help you in your quest of how to stay young.

Happiness is not only infectious but keeps your mind and your body more youthful.

So when it comes to seeking ways of how to stay young there are plenty of simple and freeways in which aging can be staved off.

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How To Stay Young - 4 Ways to Look Younger
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