Gum Surgery Alternatives with Laser Periodontal Therapy

gum surgery alternatives

How come laser periodontal therapy can be the best gum surgery alternatives? How does it work?

Hold up, before talking in-depth about these gum surgery alternatives! We need to figure out the cause, symptoms, and other things to consider

Do I need Gum Surgery?

Gum surgery is often recommended by a dentist. It needs in situations where the patient experiences a serious infection of the gums.

The process to remedy gum disease is critically important. Because the impact is a significant risk to dental health. When the gums are not healthy it threatens to undermine the health of the teeth.

gum disease

Medically, Gum disease called Periodontal disease. This condition can also spread back away from the teeth into the jaw and other areas that are in the vicinity of the gums. If that happens it can lead to all sorts of other health problems.

So gum surgery can have a positive impact and help to prevent more problems down the road. But gum surgery can be expensive, painful, and time-consuming. For that reason, many of us want to know if there are alternatives to gum surgery.

Things to consider before getting gum surgery alternatives

The first step when considering alternatives to gum surgery is to look at prevention options. Because if it is possible to prevent infection of the gums and gum disease, there is no need to have gum surgery.

Sometimes the gums have already begun to show signs of trouble. For example, there may be symptoms such as…

  • excessive bleeding
  • swelling
  • discoloration, or
  • discomfort

But if caught soon enough and controlled by proper routine brushing and flossing, the gum problems can be reversed.

So by doing a good job of basic dental hygiene by brushing and flossing every day! It is possible to avoid gum surgery. Also, includes visits to the dentist who can detect or predict any gum related issues that might be in the early stages.

But if surgery looks like it is inevitable! There is a highly advanced laser alternative available to the patient. This can be done instead of conventional gum surgery.

Laser periodontal therapy

This process accomplishes basically the same thing as normal gum surgery. But doesn’t need the cutting into the gums, peeling them back away from the tooth, and then replacing them and stitching the wounds back together.

How it does work?

laser periodontal therapyWhat happens during laser therapy is that a highly concentrated laser or beam of intense energy is directed at the infected area of the gum.

The pinpoint accuracy of the laser enables the dentist to target a section of the gum where the tooth and gum meet. This critical area is so small that it can hardly be seen with the naked eye.

By zapping it with the laser, the infection is destroyed and the harmful bacteria is stopped in its tracks before it can continue to spread to other parts of the gum tissue.

During periodontal laser therapy, there is no cutting. Since no incisions have to be made to get past the gum and to the infected area.

There are no stitches to heal and no bleeding to worry about. Also, there is only minor discomfort instead of serious pain associated with conventional gum surgery.

The process puts the patient at less risk. It happens very fast, and then the wounded part – where the laser has essentially burned away the infection – is sealed.

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Gum Surgery Alternatives with Laser Periodontal Therapy
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