Calorie Burning Exercises (Belly Fat, Butt Firming, BOSU, Inner Thigh, Back Fat)

calorie burning exercises

This is a simple calorie burning exercises.

A lot of people are conscious about their appearance and in order to look good, it’s essential to have the “ideal” figure. Thus, when the topic of how to lose weight is being discussed, diet products are often mentioned– that it even became a fad.

Most of these promise that they’ll help you burn a huge amount of calories and get a slimmer figure in no time; some are effective, but most aren’t. That being said, is it really possible to increase your metabolism and burn more calories each day?

Some experts say it’s feasible, while others remain doubtful. Truth be told, when it comes to how to lose weight, there’s a natural way that’s also proven to be effective– that is, through moving your body a lot.

Likewise, research suggests that there are calorie burning exercises proven to be effective when it comes to shedding off those extra pounds. Read on to discover some of the possible ways on how to lose weight and eliminate those body fats.

Belly Fat

Say Goodbye to Belly Fat with These 5 Moves

#1: Swiss Ball Plank

Swiss Ball PlankYou’re going to need a Swiss ball in order to perform this exercise on how to lose weight. Position your forearms over the Swiss ball, while your feet should be on the ground, keeping a straight line. Try to stay in this position for about 2 minutes and keep your core tight.

#2: Swiss Ball Pass

Lie down on the floor and hold the Swiss ball between your hands. Then, gently lift your arms, as well as your legs. As much as possible, try to contract your core muscles and pass the ball to your legs crunching up your center. Pass the ball to your hands and slowly lower down your legs and arms to the ground. Repeat the steps 25 times, in 3 sets.

Swiss Ball Pass

#3 Swiss Ball Side Plank

Lie on your side with your knees bent and forearm on the ground. Then, place the ball under your feet and gently straighten your legs. Your feet should stack the ball and try to lift up your hips in order to form a straight line. Lift your abdomen and stay in this position for 3 counts, and gently return to your original position. Repeat the process on your opposite side and do this 30 times, in 3 sets.

#4 Swiss Ball Sit-ups

Sit on the ball and your toes should be up against the wall. Fold your arms across the chest, and slowly lower your torso until you can feel your lower back touching the ball. Then, sit back up and do this 40 times, in 3 sets.

#5 Swiss Ball Superman

Place your stomach on the ball, hips wide apart, and your feet on the ground. Then, place your hands behind your head and lower your torso, until it feels like you’re looking at the ground. Rise up slowly and hold this position for 2 counts. Repeat the steps 20 times, in 3 sets.

Butt Firming

Firm your butt with these 5 calorie burning exercises

#1: One Leg Lift Bridges

Lie on your back, bent your knees at a 90-degree angle, and position your arms on the side, while feet flat on the floor. Then, slowly lift your left leg up into the air. You should feel that you’re also lifting your buttocks off the ground. Do this with your other leg and repeat 15 times, in 4 sets.

One Leg Lift Bridges

#2 Swiss Ball Side Raise

Place the ball on your right and kneel down. Then, place your right arm over the top of the ball, while extending your left leg to the side. Slowly lift your leg up, and return to your original position. Repeat this for 12 times, in 4 sets.

Swiss Ball Side Raise

#3 Pulse Squats

Your feet and shoulders should be width apart and your hands out in front. Squat down to a 90-degree angle and drop a few inches every time. Repeat this 25 times, in 4 sets.

# 4 Swiss Ball Plank with Kick-up

Begin by placing your hands on the ground and keeping your shins on the ball. If properly done, your body would be in a plank position. Keep your right leg straight, while slowly lifting the left– holding it for 2 counts. Lower your left leg and do this on the other leg. Alternate for 15 reps on each leg and perform 4 sets.

#5 Step ups on Bench

Your feet and shoulders should be wide apart and step your right leg up onto the chair. This would tighten your glutes while pressing your left heel. Repeat this process with your other leg and do this for 15 reps, in 4 sets.

5 Effective BOSU Exercises

#1: BOSU Squat

If you want shapely legs, then you better try a BOSU squat. This would activate your core, giving your body extra strength.

Just place the BOSU ball on the floor, while placing one foot on the flat side of it and stand up tall. Your hands should be in front of you, as you try to squat into a 90-degree angle. Return to original position and repeat this 30 times, in 3 sets.

Tip: If this seems easy and you want more challenge, do this with weights.

#2: BOSU Deadlift

Work on your hamstrings while strengthening your muscles.
Begin by placing the BOSU ball against the floor and place one foot over it and stand up tall. Bend your legs a little, while maintaining a straight posture and squeeze your buttocks too. Repeat 30 times, in 3 sets.

Tip: Adding more weights could make it challenging.

#3: BOSU Crunch

This exercise focuses on the core muscles. Position the ball against the ground and sit on it– with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle and feet flat on the ground, while hands behind your head. Slowly rise up and feel the contraction in your abdominal area. Hold for 2 counts and lower down for 4 counts. Repeat 25 times, in 3 sets.

#4: BOSU Push-up

You could strengthen your chest area with this exercise routine. Place the ball against the floor and hold it with your hands on the side. Try to walk feet out until your body is in plank position. Bend your elbows and lower your chest. Repeat the steps 12 to 30 times, in 3 sets.

#5: BOSU Burpees

This exercise routine is fun and effective, especially if you’re looking for effective ways on how to lose weight, naturally. Just repeat the steps 12-20 times, in 3 sets and you’re good.

Begin by placing the BOSU against the floor and hold with hands on each edge. Jump feet out and move to a plank position. Keep your back straight and stand up, lifting the ball above your head. Repeat the steps.

Inner Thigh Lift

5 effective moves for a toned Inner Thigh

#1. Swiss Ball Squeeze

Do this exercise by sitting on a Swiss ball while squeezing it between your knees. Tightly squeeze the ball and hold it for 5 seconds. Relax your legs, but make sure you’re still feeling the squeeze during the contraction. Repeat 15 times for 3 sets.

#2. Side Lunge

Begin by standing with both legs together, then step to your left while bending the left knee, lowering it down into a side lunge. Keep your back straight, while pulling leg to the opposite direction. Repeat on the opposite side 15 times for 3 sets.

#3. Lying Inner Thigh Lifts

Begin by lying down and raise your feet. Separate your legs and move them back together. Repeat motion for 3 sets of 30 reps.

#4. Inner Thigh Side Lifts

Lie on your right side with your forearm against the ground, while your shoulder is below your elbow. Then, stack your legs and move the left leg behind your right leg, doing a 90-degree angle bend– keep your foot on the ground. After that, lift your left leg up, then down. Do on your left side and perform 3 sets of 25 reps.

#5. Side Runs

Start by stepping out wide to your left, then bring your right left to the left. Try to move as fast as you can and do 10 steps. This should be repeated on the opposite side as well and perform 3 sets of 10 reps on each side.

Back Fat

5 moves to eliminate Back Fat

#1. Jumping Jacks

Begin by standing straight and arms relaxed on each side. Jump your legs out while lifting your arms at the same time. Jump back to start, which means feet together and arms at side. This should be done for a minute.

#2. Deadlifts

Your feet shoulder should be wide apart and a free weight in each hand. Bend your knees slightly, but keep your back flat as you reach the free weights to almost knee height. Lift slowly and stand upright with the weights on your side. Repeat 25 times for 3 sets in order to enjoy positive results.

#3. Oblique Twist

Sit with your knees bend, while your feet are flat against the floor. Try to add some weight between your hands and slowly lean back until you feel some contraction filling up your abdominals. Then, reach the free weight to your right side, and perform this on the opposite side as well. This should be considered as one rep and 3 sets of 40 reps should be performed by twisting side to side.

#4. Superman

Lie down on your tummy with your arms relaxed on each side and legs stretched behind. Slowly lift your legs up and try to lift your upper torso. Lower the arms and legs. Perform 3 sets of 20 reps.

#5. Bridges

Lie down on your back, bend your knees and keep your feet flat. Then, gently lift up your hips up off the ground. This would squeeze your glutes. Perform 3 sets of 25 reps.

Lastly, changes in diet and exercise should be discussed with your doctor first. Which means that, if you’re planning to try new calorie burning exercises or modify your diet, it’s advisable to consult your doctor. Likewise, if you’re diagnosed with a medical condition or under a certain medication, there may be activities and supplements that aren’t recommended for you.

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