6 Amazing Health Benefits of Neem

neem benefits

Indian Lilac, better known as Neem, has been popular for its medicinal uses since ages. It is basically found in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

In various parts, it is considered to be a Sacred Tree, since it is one of the trees wherein all the parts of the tree are helpful for healing. Whether it’s the bark, leaves, fruits or seed, all are beneficial in some or the other way.

It is used by various cosmetic companies to promote their products; in fact, it was not long ago when people would use slender branches as a toothbrush.

Neem leaves are dried by household ladies and then spread under the grains to act as a repellent for various insects and ants. Farmers plow it into the soil to protect the crops from white ants and act as a fertilizer.

In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, people celebrate their New Year, Ugadi, by eating Neem leaves mixed with jaggery to indicate life is both bitter and sweet.

Neem has amazing curative powers which act as antiseptic and disinfectant; thus it helps in curing various diseases. Some of such medicinal uses are:

1. Neem is great for the skin

It has been a tradition of boiling Neem leaves in the water and then taking bath to cure various skin diseases like eczema, itching, pimples, cold sores or any inflammation.

Neem is loaded with nutrients which act as anti-oxidants and thus gives shine to your skin and fighting the age promoting radicals.

It is also helpful for curing fungal infection like ringworms due to the presence of various anti-fungal agents in it. It also helps fighting bad body odor and to remove scars from the body.

2. Keeps your mouth healthy

Boil water with Neem leaves and then strain it in the bottle. This liquid can act as the best mouthwash. It will also keep your gums and teeth infection free and will provide an extra shine to the teeth. Various toothpaste is available which have Neem extracts to provide the best oral hygiene.

3, Detoxifies your blood

Neem can improve your immune system by strengthening the liver and keeping a control on blood pressure. Though Neem fruit is bitter to eat, it clears all the toxins in the blood and thus provides a better digestive system.

4. Heal your eyes

In case you are suffering from conjunctivitis, washing your eyes with Neem water will help you cure it much faster. If you have long sitting hours in front of the computer, Neem water will also help in fighting eye pain and help you sleep better at night.

5. Neem will help you have your baby

Neem juice is very helpful while a woman is in labor. It helps in contractions and chances of normal delivery increases. Also, since it is anti-septic it prevents any infection in uterus and vagina.

6. The ultimate medicine

Various diseases: In Aryuveda, Neem is famous for treating malaria fever, sore throat, piles, chicken pox, asthma, and other respiratory disorders.

Try applying skin water in burnt areas to reduce any allergies and faster skin recovery. It is also helpful in reducing dandruff naturally and enhancing hair growth.

Neem leaf and seeds have high efficacy in treating diabetes by lowering the need for insulin. It lowers the blood glucose levels and improves the circulation of blood by dilating the blood vessels

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6 Amazing Health Benefits of Neem
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