4 Essential Vitamins to Slow Down Aging Process

anti aging vitamins

We all want to look as young as possible because the signs of aging can be difficult to take when you feel young inside.

Nobody wants to have wrinkles, age spots or sagging skin. That is why anti-aging vitamins are becoming very popular these days.

There are many vitamins that are said to slow down the signs of aging and below are just a few examples:

1. Vitamin C

vitamin cVitamin C is something that most of us already have in our diets and it is just as well because this is a very important anti-aging vitamin.

This helps to get rid of free radicals from our bodies. which we have ingested from things like cigarette smoke, pollution, and radiation.

This vitamin is also good for protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. It also plays a role in increasing the body’s collagen production which helps keep the skin tight.

We can find Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables. For example pomegranates, lemons, guava, oranges, broccoli, and potatoes.

Another reason why Vitamin C is so vital in fighting the signs of aging is…

… it helps in preventing a number of cancers and prevents the development of heart disease and prevents cataracts from forming.

2. Vitamin A

vitamin aVitamin A is one of the best anti aging vitamins that you can take. It is used in many anti-aging products and can be found naturally in fatty fish and eggs. It can also be bought as a supplement over the counter.

This vitamin is one of the great sources of antioxidant. Helps to prevent age-related skin degeneration and conditions such as osteoporosis or arthritis.

There are many skin creams and eye creams which contain this vitamin. Because it is said to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as well as dark circles around the eyes.

3. Vitamin E

vitamin eVitamin E can be taken as over the counter anti-aging vitamins. But is also found naturally in…

  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Vegetable oils, and
  • Green leafy vegetables

As with Vitamin A, Vitamin E is also a very important ingredient in many topical creams as it helps the skin to retain moisture.

It is a very important ingredient in a number of sun creams because of the way it can protect against harmful UVB rays.

As well as being instrumental in preventing the signs of aging in our skin! Vitamin E also helps to prevent…

  • Heart attacks and strokes
  • Cancers
  • Brain decline and
  • High cholesterol

It is also used to prevent the blood from clotting.

4. Vitamin K

vitamin kAs we get older it can become harder to sleep! When we don’t get enough sleep it often shows in the form of dark circles around our eyes. Dark circles around the eyes can cause us to look older than we are.

But, it is not just insufficient sleep that can cause these dark circles because they are also caused by leaking capillaries. The good news is this capillary leak can be helped by taking Vitamin K.

We do produce Vitamin K in the body but not enough to combat dark circles around the eyes. Thankfully it is found in green vegetables such as broccoli, kale, spinach, and lettuce.

Making sure we get enough anti-aging vitamins can help to ensure we look younger for longer.

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4 Essential Vitamins to Slow Down Aging Process
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