15 Calcium-Rich Foods for Strong Bones

calcium rich foods strong bones

Getting your daily dose of calcium is essential, and these calcium-rich foods would help you with that. For stronger bones and teeth, you must make sure that you’re taking the recommended amount of calcium.

Likewise, it also plays a vital role in the overall weight, it has anti-cancer properties, and it could be beneficial to the heart too.

In a nutshell, there’s simply no reason why you should let your calcium level run low. Besides, there are a lot of delicious foods that will help you maintain your calcium level.

15 Calcium-Rich Foods For Healthy Bones

1. Cheese

cheeseCheese is one of the dairy products that have a number of health benefits. Though, keep in mind that it also contains a little amount of fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Nevertheless, it still takes the number one spot in terms of calcium.

Furthermore, cheese is also high in protein. This could make you feel satisfied after every meal. The vitamin A and vitamin B12 present in cheese could also boost your immune system, as well as your energy level.

Being a versatile food item, you could easily find cheese in many different dishes. In fact, you might find yourself trying to figure out how you can stay away from it, rather than thinking about how you could get it.

Keep in mind though, you must learn to balance the health benefits with its unhealthy disadvantages. By doing this, you could incorporate cheese as a part of a healthy diet and a very flavorful meal.

Additional Tip: Just make sure you’ll never eat too much of this. Even though it provides plenty of calcium, you can’t deny the fact that a lot of cheese varieties are also high in fat and cholesterol.

2. Sardines

sardinesSardines would take the second spot of calcium-rich foods. Also, even though it’s something that you wouldn’t find in everyone’s shopping list, it’s still recommended to add it as a form of garnish or mixed into soups since it has minerals and calcium.

Aside from calcium, sardines also contain omega-3s. For some, they eat sardines because of this, not knowing its calcium content. Omega-3s could prevent cancer, promote better heart health, and reduce any kinds of inflammation in the body.

Likewise, by eating sardines, you wouldn’t only get the calcium and omega-3s. You’ll also enjoy the protein present in it. This would help you build muscles and feel satisfied after each meal…

Additional Tip: You could try using sardines as a topping for your pizza. It’s similar to anchovies and it could also be a side dish. For some, it’s hard to make a meal out of sardines because of its strong taste and small size. However, you don’t even need to eat too much of it just to enjoy its benefits.

3. Tofu

tofuIf you’re not aware, a 100 gram serving of tofu contains more than a third of calcium that you’ll need for the day. That’s why it’s earning the third spot of our calcium-rich foods.

Aside from calcium, tofu is also a good source of non-animal protein, and it has a similar texture to meat. Making it a good alternative in hundreds of popular dishes that have meat. Likewise, the generous amount of iron found in tofu is one of the numerous benefits you can get from eating it.

Furthermore, tofu has more calcium compared to soybeans. Perhaps you’re wondering how did that happen. The process of making tofu involves the use of calcium sulfate to maintain its solid form. Another food that offers the same benefit would be Tempeh. However, it could only provide 11% of your daily calcium need, unlike tofu that has 35%.

Additional Tip: Once or two times a week, try replacing your regular meat dish with tofu. Vegans have been using tofu as a source of protein, with an added benefit of calcium, vitamins, and minerals.

4. Almonds

almondsAlmonds and other nuts contain calcium, making them a part of our list. Usually, almonds are considered to be healthy, but people rarely know their calcium content.

Almonds contain plenty of healthy fats, as well as fiber. That’s why most people who are planning to lose weight, incorporate almonds in their diet. Eating them could make a meal satisfying, and you could snack on them whenever you’re feeling hungry without worrying if you’re adding some pounds.

Aside from almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, and pecans could be your calcium source as well. Nonetheless, almost any nut you choose would contain at least some calcium.

Additional Tip: Instead of your usual chips, you could have a handful of almonds for a snack. Aside from calcium, the protein and fiber found in them could help you curb your appetite.

5. Collard Greens

collard greensCollard greens contain more calcium that your other leafy vegetables, such as kale and spinach. That’s why, if you’re looking for a vegetable that’s very nutritious, collard greens would deserve a spot on your plate.

Being a good source of vitamins A and C, as well as dietary fiber, you should try incorporating them in your daily meal. Also, they’re naturally low in sodium and fat. Which means you could eat plenty without worrying at all.

They could also be used as a part of a detoxing program, helping you get rid of the harmful chemicals in your body. They’re best served during spring and summer, the time of year when you need to cleanse your body.

Additional Tip: Instead of spinach or kale, you could use collard greens as your alternative. They have a different taste from these greens, but you’ll be assured you’ll get more benefits, such as calcium.

6. Fig

figIn order to get your needed calcium from figs, you must dry them first. The reason behind is, dry figs have a higher concentration of everything as compared to fresh figs. This includes potassium, calcium, fiber, and sugar.

Likewise, eating figs could help you maintain your blood pressure level because of the potassium present in them. They also contain plenty of fiber, promoting better digestion and helping you keep your weight in check.

Though, like most dried nuts, dried figs contain a high amount of sugar. Even though this isn’t your typical refined sugar that’s bad for the body, it’s still something that you’ll want to keep an eye on if you don’t want these sugars to be converted to fat.

Additional Tip: You could add dried figs in a salad or eat them as is.

7. Arugula

arugulaLike kale and spinach, arugula deserves a spot in our calcium-rich foods. If you haven’t tried arugula before, this is your chance and see if the taste would appeal in your palate.

Just like many of the vegetables, it’s not just the calcium you’re going to get from eating arugula. Thus, it’s packed with fiber, protein, and minerals, such as potassium and magnesium.

Also, arugula contains both vitamins A and C. These vitamins have an antioxidant effect in your body, which could help you lose weight. In a nutshell, we could say that it’s a healthy vegetable that should be on your shopping list next time.

Additional Tip: Arugula, being considered as a specialty dish could liven up your vegetable salads, and be used as a garnish for your main dish. You’ll never go wrong with this vegetable. It’s elegant and curvy.

8. Kale

kaleIf you’re a health conscious individual, you’re probably aware why you should include kale in your diet menu.

It provides a little bit of everything you need, such as…

  • protein
  • magnesium
  • potassium, and
  • fiber

Best of all, it’s a good source of calcium.

Additional Tip: Just like spinach, you could use kale as a part of your vegetable salad, in soups, or turn it into a green smoothie. With kale, it’s very easy to get more calcium in your life without worrying if you’re adding weight.

9. Milk

milkMilk is best known for its calcium content and vitamin D. It’s also a good source of protein and has been linked to building muscles and weight loss.

Likewise, it could also assist in lowering the cholesterol levels of the body.

Keep in mind though, before including this in your diet plan, make sure to assess your lactose sensitivity.

Some people are unaware of their lactose insensitivity, but this could easily be evaluated. Try removing dairy from your diet for at least a week. Then, reintroduce it back and see if your digestion problem worsens.

Additional Tip: You could have a glass of milk as your snack before meals. Also, you could use it for baking and cooking to increase the calcium content of your meals.

10. Yogurt

yogurtEven though yogurt and milk share the same attributes, it has lesser calcium content. Though, it’s still a good source of protein and contains more protein than your average milk.

Aside from calcium and protein, it’s also a good source of Vitamin B-12 that plays a vital role in your nervous system.

Yogurt is also considered as one of the daily products that are rich in probiotics. There are even specialty yogurts that are supposed to accentuate this quality with more live cultures. Though, even your regular yogurt has enough probiotic bacteria that would surely promote a better digestion.

Having a healthy digestive system could help you lose weight effectively. Likewise, it also plays a vital role in how active and light you feel. It could also prevent long-term or chronic disorders that could occur in your digestive system.

Additional Tip: For losing weight, you could eat yogurt as a healthy snack. Thanks for its probiotic content. Also, Greek yogurt contains a lot more protein compared to your regular yogurt.

11. Bok Choy

bok choyThe name sounds Chinese, right? Bok Choy is a Chinese cabbage that’s rich with calcium and other minerals.

In fact, a 100 gram serving of this gives you more than a tenth of calcium your body needs. Which makes it easier to obtain your recommended calcium intake.

Just like regular cabbage, bok choy is packed with a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Making it a healthy addition to any meal.

The vitamins A and C present in this leafy vegetable would boost your immune system. Also, it’s considered to be fat-free and has a very low sodium content. You’ll rest assured that you’re only getting the good things as you eat this food.

Additional Tip: Bok choy could be a great side dish. Aside from that, you could also turn them into appetizing dishes since there are a lot of bok choy recipes that you could try.

12. Soybeans

soybeansSoybeans could help you get the calcium you need the way you want it.

For one, they have a higher calcium content as compared to other legumes with the added benefits, such as fiber and protein. No wonder why most fitness gurus incorporate soybeans in their diet plan.

The way you cook soybeans plays an important role in how much benefits you can get. For instance, roasting soybeans are a great way to keep the fiber and protein intact. On the other hand, boiling them could cause the nutrition level to drop.

Processing soybeans could also have different results. Turning them into tofu would increase the calcium. However, you should keep your soy products intake in moderation. They contain phytic acid that could affect the digestive system negatively.

Additional Tip: Cook your soybeans just like how you cook your beans and legumes. Likewise, you could go for the raw version edamame or opt for the processed kind, such as Tempe and tofu.

13. Spinach

spinachSpinach is considered as one of the healthiest vegetables that’s packed with calcium.

A 100 gram serving of spinach could yield 10% of your calcium needs.

This is something you should definitely consider. With some foods, it’ll be quite difficult to eat 100 grams of it, just to have its advertised calcium content. However, with spinach, you could easily have them as a salad or a smoothie. An easier way to get your daily dose of calcium.

Also, due to the fact the spinach contains several minerals and vitamin, it has gained the reputation of being one of the healthiest foods.

Several health benefits you could get from eating spinach would be…

  • it could reduce inflammation
  • helps the body gain the ideal alkalinity
  • contains antioxidants that would assist the body with its fight against free radicals
  • a good source of protein and fiber

Additional Tip: The easiest to eat spinach would be, turn them into a smoothie and enjoy the phytonutrients and calcium it has.

14. Okra

okraMost people don’t like the slimy texture of okra. However, if you’ll consider the amount of calcium and minerals found in them, you might have some second thoughts and give it a try.

It has plenty of fiber, mineral, and folates that could keep your body healthy. By just adding it to your weekly menu, you’ll be closer to your nutritional goal.

Additional Tip: There are a number of ways on how you can enjoy okra. You could have it as a side dish, or incorporate it on our main dishes.

15. Sunflower Seeds

sunflower seedsAside from giving you a decent amount of calcium, sunflower seeds also contain fiber and protein that could aid in weight loss.

Likewise, the healthy fats present in sunflower seeds are pretty much remarkable. You’ll also be getting high amounts of potassium and magnesium when you have sunflower seeds.

Additional Tip: If you’re planning to get the kind that’s in the shell, make sure that they’re unsalted so that you’ll only get the best of it.

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