11 Ways to Get Rid of a Migraine Headache Fast

Migraine Headache

The most common cause of a migraine is when the blood vessels inside the head contract in a short amount of time. Once this happens, the amount of oxygen and blood flowing to the head instantly drops down.

Thus, the brain would send a message, telling the other parts of the body that it needs more blood and oxygen just to function normally again. The result? Other blood vessels would begin to dilate and expand, resulting in inflamed, throbbing, and pounding paid inside the head.

Another cause of a migraine is when the blood vessels inside the head involuntary contracts and expands without any notice at all. This could begin in different parts of the head, such as the back of the brain, and occipital lobe, resulting in artery spasm.

Additionally, those who have vision problems are more prone to experiencing migraines, because the blood flow from the occipital lobe is usually reduced.

Migraine attacks could cause a lot of pain that could last for hours, days, and even months. Likewise, it could be so severe that all you want to do is find a dark, quiet place where you could rest your eyes and lie down peacefully.

On a side note, some migraines are usually accompanied by sensory warning symptoms, such as blind spots, flashes of lights, and sudden tingling in your leg or arm.

It’s caused by an abnormal activity in the head and could be triggered by a number of things, such as hormonal changes in older women, unhealthy diet (salty foods, aged cheeses, and processed foods), alcohol, and too much consumption of caffeinated beverages.

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However, bright lights, stress, and sun glare could also contribute to a migraine– and don’t forget the unstable sleeping pattern.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways on how to get rid of a migraine, and medications are one of them.

Even though it couldn’t put an end to your migraine, it could reduce the severity of it. However, if the usual medications used for a migraine never worked for you in the past, it’s advisable to consult your doctor, in order to have a different migraine prescription.

Having the right medicines, together with lifestyle changes and self-help could make a big difference and make that painful migraine, a little more tolerable.

Migraine Headache Symptoms and Stages

Probably the most well-known symptom of a migraine is a headache. It’s described as throbbing in the head that’s often one-sided and associated with sensitivity to light, nausea, sound, and difficulty with head movement. Also, due to the fact that blood vessels are involved, migraine is also called a “vascular headache.”

Without further ado, here are some of the natural ways to get rid of a migraine fast:

1. Turn off the Lights

turn off the lightsIf you’re not aware, migraines are often caused by sensory stimuli, such as flickering or bright lights. As much as possible, try to calm your senses by turning the lights off, moving into a dark room, or by simply pulling the shades down.

Try to relax by staying in the darkroom as long as you can, or until your migraines disappear.

However, when it seems likes it’s impossible for you to rest your eyes, you could wear sunglasses instead.

Polarized sunglasses could protect your eyes from the brightest parts of the sunlight and this could be as effective as going into a dark room for several minutes. Which only implies that it could either prevent or reduce the occurrence of a migraine.

2. Eliminate the Noise

eliminate noiseAnother natural way on how to get rid of a migraine is by eliminating the noise.

Turn off the radio, television, or appliance that’s causing the unbearable noise; or move to a more tranquil spot. However, if it’s not possible to move into another room, it’s advisable to always bring noise-canceling headphones with you.

On the other hand, there are some individuals who get uneasy and stressed when the room is completely silent. If you’re one of them, you could always run a white noise machine or something that could provide an ambient and subtle sound. Soothing music would also help, and avoid those loud tunes– these would just trigger your migraine even more.

3. Lie Down and Rest

lie down restStress and lack of sleep could also be the cause of your frequent migraine attacks. So, what’s the best way on how to get rid of a migraine?

If it’s possible, take a few minutes and lie down. Allow yourself to relax for about 5-30 minutes until a migraine gradually disappears.

Note: Too much sleep could also be the culprit of a migraine.

4. Massage the Temples and Neck

massage temples neckMassages could relieve a migraine, temporarily. It could block pain signals before it reaches the brain, preventing the occurrence of a migraine.

Furthermore, migraine is also related to tension and giving yourself a quick message, could be an effective way to relax a bit and relieve the pain brought by a migraine.

Tip #1: Index and Middle Finger

Whenever your migraine attacks, you could use your middle and index finger to gently massage the side of your neck, your temples, and even the back of your neck. Applying firm, but gentle pressure could relieve the tension.

Tip #2: Cold Water

Aside from a personal message, dipping your fingers in ice cold water before you begin could also help. The blood vessels would constrict and it’ll slow down the rush of blood to your head.

Tip #3: Book an Appointment

If you can, schedule an appointment with a masseuse who specializes in this field. The results would greatly benefit you, and it’s better than giving yourself a message.

5. Apply Cold Compress

An instant way on how to get rid of a migraine is by putting a cold washcloth on your head. This would trigger the blood vessels to contract and slows down the rush of blood.

6. Cold Shower and a Cool Room

Another way on how to get rid of a migraine is by taking a cold shower for at least 15 minutes.

As you shampoo, massage your head in order to reduce the tension that causes a migraine. Don’t blow dry your hair, but just squeeze the water out.

After a cold shower, lie in a cool, dark room with your hair still damp. Try to take a nap and see how it could relieve your migraine.

7. Lavender and Other Herbal Teas

If you’re not aware, lavender tea and other herbal teas could actually relieve that painful migraine of yours. It could soothe the body and reduce the tension of that throbbing sensation inside your head. Thus, it’s considered to be one of the most effective ways on how to get rid of a migraine.

Some of the best herbs are ginger, lavender, peppermint, and even cayenne pepper. All of which could give an instant solution to your migraine problems.


Lavender has the ability to reduce the inflammation in the blood vessel and it’s considered to be the most potent herb that could alleviate stress, anxiety, and migraine attacks.

Aside from drinking the tea, you could also place the hot packs of dried lavender leaves over your eyes. This could also soothe and relax your head, especially if you’re suffering from a migraine.

Peppermint, ginger, and cayenne

These herbs have natural pain-relieving properties that you could take advantage of. For one, peppermint and ginger could reduce nausea that’s often linked with a migraine.

However, ginger could also thin the blood. So, if your blood is already thin, it’s not recommended to try this herbal tea.


It’s quite easy to prepare this herbal tea for a migraine. All you need to do is steep a pinch of cayenne pepper, fresh ginger (2.5 cm), and a teaspoon of dried peppermint in 2 cups of water. Let it steep for about 15-20 minutes.

8. Take a Deep Breath

take deep breathDeep breathing exercises are quite helpful, especially for those who are suffering from a migraine. It relaxes the body as it releases the tension that’s probably contributing to a migraine.


  • Lie on your back and position a pillow below your head, while the other one should be below your knees. Slightly bend your legs
  • Your dominant hand should be positioned on your upper chest and the other hand just below your ribcage
  • Inhale through your nose until it feels that your tummy is pushing against your dominant hand
  • Exhale through your mouth. This would tighten your stomach
  • Perform this routine for at least five minutes or until you feel better

9. Take Supplements

Studies show that supplements could actually be a remedy on how to get rid of a migraine, especially the ones with vitamin B2, butterbur, melatonin, feverfew, magnesium, and co-Q10.

Vitamin B2

Also called riboflavin; vitamin B2 could reduce the severity of a migraine. In fact, by taking 400 mg of vitamin B2, it could lessen the severity of a migraine.

Butterbur-based Supplements

They’re considered to be the most helpful ingredients that could prevent a migraine and lessen its severity. Aside from that, it could also reduce the inflammation and stabilize blood flow. Which only implies that it could also prevent blood vessel spasms.

Feverfew, Co-Q10, and melatonin

These ingredients could also reduce the severity of a migraine and lessen the attacks.


The usefulness is still debatable, but it could lessen the pain brought by a migraine that’s associated with menstruation.

10. Consume a Little Caffeine

Too much and it could bring a migraine, and a little could actually make the pain go away. That’s also the reason why it could be one of the ways on how to get rid of a migraine.


Take a small dose of caffeine. It could be a cup of coffee, soda, or tea. However stay away from energy drinks that are packed with caffeine.

11. Aerobic Exercises

aerobic exercisesIf the pain is still tolerable and you could move, try doing some light aerobic exercises. This might help in making the pain go away.

You could try brisk walking, cycling, jogging, or even swimming. When you exercise, your heart pumps and the blood circulation would improve and stabilize. Likewise, it’s a great way to relax the body and mind.